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Free Nude Models Cams - About Us

The origins of Free Nude Models Cams

All started during the curs of 1997 when I was studying computer science at university. While I was doing an internship, a colleague told me the possibility of starting a business around the adult entertainment industry via the internet. The adult entertainment industry was a relatively new and simple business on the Internet. For a student, starting a small and simple business is always something attractive especially for the monetary part.

Business opportunity

So well I started to do some reserch about adult marketing, adult web pages and SEO (Search engine optimization). What today is known as affilate marketing. In those days adult affiliate marketing was reduced to HTML static pages, adult photos and banners (ads). In the beginning, the sponsors paid for every click that users made on the ad banners and it really worked very well.

I started to obtain the first good results after a few months. After a year I had my web pages in the first positions of Yahoo, Altavista, etc. (Google had only been launched a year ago and no one knew about it.) As the websites worked very well, I shared the experience with a good friend of mine to help me. Togheter we started improving the existig websites and making new ones.

The first measures adopted were to buy Internet domains to have more personality and our own visibility. These domains are still working today.

Everything was going well but in the early 2000s there was a big change in the world of adult affiliate marketing and in adult industry concept. Everything changed completely. Sponsors no longer paid per click on banners but paid per commission and sale made. Adult websites evolved and became very professional. At that moment I decided not continue with this project and was left parked for many years.

Years later, around 2010, I came back to interest in the subject and I created some web pages but without much success. At least this attempt refreshed me. some SEO concepts, new technologies, and finally I also started to investigate how the Google search engine worked.

It wasn't until the end of 2017 that I wanted to go back to adult affiliate marketing, mostly to refresh my programming skills and as a hobby. For a computer scientist guy like me, everything had become more interesting. Now they were no longer simple static pages with HTML as in 1997 but dynamic pages programmed with PHP.

Adult Affiliate Marketing Innovation and Modernization

So, I got down to business with a small team and we started to explore what type of adult entertainment was the most exciting nowadays and what possibilities did we had to make it profitable.

The research was easy, we found a perfect candiadate: The sex model cams with erotic shows in real time.

The second objective was to analyze the existing product and see how we could improve it.

The conclusions were as follows:

The birth of a new kind of adult entertainment

Then we got to work and began to code a sex webcam website with all the aforementioned characteristics (and some secrets that we keep to ourselves). To start with, we relied on free software from 2014 that ran online. Of that initial and free software almost nothing remains, almost everything has been replaced by new code using the newest techniques in programming with PHP 7 and SEO. Currently, the software we use is in constant evolution and improvement.

The result is Free Nude Models Cams, a great website focused only to sex webcams of models and couples. The web also provides new functions to users such as:

Programming language


Enjoy Free Nude Models Cams without limits

We hope that with the development of this new type of concept focused on the adult sex cam industry, you will be able to enjoy very rewarding and pleasant experiences. We are sure that you will find in the ease of use and super fast loading website times. For our part, we are happy to see how day after day we increase users on our website, this motivates us to continue working hard on new versions and improvements to the current website.


Model of success